Friday, 26 October 2012


TGIF! Mom & Dad left Balikpapan this morning and home has been so lonely. Hah. This weekend is going to be good I guess, I've been stressed with a lot of school work and pressures facing the final exam and in choosing my next college. 
I've made some plans ahead with my brother and sister. Wish they gonna run well :-)
After cleaning the house, I got my laptop and surfiiiiiiing some diy, probably I will get some inspiration for my own. But I'm accidentally sent to a blog. At first, I only want to see her DIY projects. But the more I scroll the more I saw diferent pictures. I was so curious and finally found out what actually it was. 
Adopted child.
No, it's not only an adopted child. She's different, and amazing, and beautiful, and strong, and sweet. The more I read their journey, the more I feel I don't even know how to explain. This family inspired me so much. I know I'm still so young to think about adoption. But there are many souls that need home and family. I want to save them, someday.
Isn't it amazing to have a big family? 

Monday, 20 August 2012


Akhirnya ke pantai jugaaaaa. Setelah berbulan-bulan ga kesana. Tapi sayang jalanan padet det det. Tapi have fun kok :-)

Saturday, 11 August 2012


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Saturday, 16 June 2012


Hello sweetheart....

Sorry for my absences from blogging! Miss posting so much. Actually, there's one day left from Semester Test in Monday and I'll be screaming "EXAMS ARE OVER. YEAH!!!" but so sad the next week I'll have a lot of revising and haven't-done-yet-assignments due to my auntie's wed the next week so I'll have to finish everything soonish before leaving school for like a half of month. :-(.
SADNESS. That I ought to finish everything like "HURRRYY HURRYYYY GRACE. NO MORE TIME LEFT." oh god, please.

But I'm not ready to spend my holiday in Medan. Auntie's wed, meeting family, visiting good places and refreshing my mind from ugh you-know-what. The past one year has been sooo bittersweet. Gonna miss my very awkward and funny classmates and be ready for my last senior year and continuing college in different town. Leaving apart from parents and starting a new different life, a l o n e. Time flies and life goes by so fast, doesn't it? But we're have to be ready for the adventures.