Friday, 16 March 2012


Actually, I don't really like to talk about a belief because I think it's a private thing and it's your freedom to chose whether you own a religion or not. But yesterday I saw someone's twitter and she tweeted a way lot of things that showing she doesn't believe on a thing name "god" or something. It's true your right to not having a religion, but it's wrong when you overpulic it.

It makes me sad how the worlds lately is, why people bring hate up to someones religion? Why compare so many things to someone's belief, I'm sure every single religion teach you to not doing a bad thing that can impact bad to others, and all you have to do is kindness. So that's why I totally disagree with Einstein statement which is,
"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind."

Well, I mean, you can't just compare 2 different things to something general. Science is science and so is religion. You can't just link them two, like you is you and me is not you. That simply so simple. Science can explain what the eyes see. Faith can explain what only the heart sees. But we have right to choose, a belief is a freedom. You can stay with your opinion and keep doing what you want.
But for me, God does exist. I have faith in Him, and He sets me free. He gave me all things I couldn't even imagine, even though I can't ever see Him, but this heart feels. Nothing can make Him far from me, He is here.

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